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    In the following four panels below are eighteen brief questions and twelve questions that will need a paragraph or two of your answers from each question. The more company info you can add to any of the questions is entirely up to you, but highly recommended. When we meet and discuss the questions, we both will pass on other information back and forward. This has always been one of the major successes of the program..”


    Chicago, IL

    Panel One

    1. Define your product or service. Corporate marketing mission statement. Company goals.
    2. Did you use marketing research and analysis of your marketplace?
    3. What is the how and why customers buy?
    4. Do you have customer segments based on their buying habits?
    5. Your development of strategies, planning and advertising programs to profitability meets the needs of different segments.

    Send your answers and any other information that is helpful, to my email address at [email protected]

    TWO. What do you know and not know about your marketplace?

    Why do customers come to you and not competitors?

    What common characteristics do they have?

    List the benefits of importance to your customers.

    Examine the marketplace's wants and needs. What is a fit? Not a fit?

    Examine your own strengths and compare these to your customer needs and wants.

    Analyze the strengths of various competitors?

    Do you try to be on the ground-breaking of industry trends consistently?

    THREE. List advertising tools and tactics that you use. If so, send samples. Such as;

    Sales letters.

    Sales visits.

    Qualifying prospects.

    Sales presentation.

    Handling objections.

    Closing the sale.

    Follow up scripts to close a sale.

    Customer databases or CRM.

    FOUR. What channels of distribution are you using for marketing, advertising, and sales?

    1. Email 2. Brochures. 3. Post cards

    4. Newsletters. email? paper? posting?

    5. Landing pages. 6. Websites 7. Blog

    8. Social media. 9. Posting 10. Other.